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Join me for a 6-week online consultation series focused on the three pillars of my practice: trauma, attachment, and LGBTQ experiences. The group will be meet remotely using Zoom.

Each week will include discussion of resources on the topic of the week, as well as time for individual case consultation. The format of the serier will follow the outline of my signature training, Trauma, Attachment and Trans/Non-Binary Experiences, dividing the material into a six conversations:

  • Gender & Sexuality

  • Oppression

  • Trauma

  • Attachment

  • Enlisting the Body to Heal

  • Ethical Practice & Action

Mondays, 11AM-12:15PM
The next group will begin July 8, 2019.

Email to sign up or discuss whether this group is right for you. The group will meet online using Zoom so you can join from any quiet place with an internet connection.

Cost: sliding scale $50-$75 per group

This will be a closed group and participants must commit to attending all 6 group meetings.

I offer clinical supervision and consultation to clinicians around trauma, attachment and LGBTQ experiences. I am happy to provide supervision to provisionally licensed social workers seeking licensure in North Carolina, as well as consultation to licensed clinicians regardless of location.

In clinical consultation and supervision, I’m interested in helping you layout the maps (tools, approaches, modalities, etc.) that resonate with you so that they’re readily available when they would benefit your clients. I am also focused on more process-oriented conversations about transference and countertransference, or how the client and therapist’s attachment styles interact in the therapeutic relationship.

Here are some of the theories and modalities I’m most familiar with and use most often:

  • Attachment Theory

  • Somatic Approaches to Healing from Trauma (Advanced training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy)

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • Intersectional Queer & Feminist Theories

  • Yoga & Mindfulness-Based Practices

If you are interested in clinical supervision or consultation, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I offer in-person supervision in my downtown Asheville office to provisionally licensed social workers seeking licensure in North Carolina, as well as through secure video conferencing with licensed clinicians in other areas.

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