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Are a mental health professional (therapist, counselor, herbalist, however you offer your brand of healing wisdom, I'm talking to you) looking for more support in your work with clients? Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the problems your clients face and confused about how put all the pieces together? Would it help to have someone (or a non-judgmental group of someones) to talk through your specific questions and offer feedback on how to improve your work?

Over the years in my work in agencies and in private practice, I've found the support of knowledgeable peers and competent supervisors and consultants invaluable in helping me move through stuck places in my work with clients. Staying in communication about my work and current on the topics most relevant to my clients has also increased the overall base of knowledge that I bring to my work. Not to mention the relief that comes from realizing that you don't have to be alone in your work even if you're alone in your office with your clients.

Understanding how important good support, feedback and collaboration can be for helpers and healers, I'm increasing my focus on offering this kind of support. I've just wrapped up my first consultation group focused on trauma, attachment, and LGBTQ experiences. It was awesome! I had so much fun geeking out about my favorite topics and talking through the challenges the group members faced in their work.

The next group will be all online because, as I'm finding, even when you're all in the same city, there are lots of things that make it hard to get to someone else's office to meet. To make it easier, this group will meet virtually using Zoom so you can join us from wherever you can find a quiet place and an internet connection.

Each week we'll dive into resources (some I've created and some I've gathered along the way) on the topic of the week and have time for individual case consultation. The format of the series follows the outline of my signature training, Trauma, Attachment and Trans/Non-Binary Experiences, dividing the material into a six conversations:

  • Gender & Sexuality

  • Oppression

  • Trauma

  • Attachment

  • Enlisting the Body to Heal

  • Ethical Practice & Action

We will get started on Monday, July 8th and meet for 6 Mondays at 11AM-12:15PM. I'm capping this group at 6 participants to ensure that everyone has plenty of time to ask questions and discuss cases. If you do sign up, please commit to attending all 6 group meetings. The cost for this group is on a sliding scale from $50-$75 per group.

Are you ready to dive in and get some support? Scroll down to sign up. Do you have some questions before you decide? Click here to email me directly to let me know that you're interested or feel free to ask your questions. If now is the right time for you to get this kind of support, I'd love to have you in the group. If you're needing more one-on-one support through supervision or consultation, feel free to reach out to schedule an individual consultation.

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