The Power of Human Connection

The heart of my professional work is about helping people to connect with their own goodness and to heal the barriers to connecting with others. As a somatic trauma therapist working with individuals, couples, and families, this often means holding space for long-buried emotions to be expressed and old stories to be experienced through a new lens. My work as a therapist incorporates a focus on building resilience - our innate capacity to bounce back from difficult or overwhelming experiences.

As a consultant and trainer, I help individuals and organizations who want to create welcoming environments to all who enter - regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, or sexuality - but don’t know where to start or are afraid of doing the wrong thing. I empower my clients with up-to-date information, relevant training, and straightforward strategies so that they can feel confident navigating the complexities of gender and sexuality in their community. Confusion, ignorance (willful or well-intentioned), and lack of training are barriers to providing the kind of affirming environments that queer and trans students, employees, and community members deserve. I know from my own gender and sexuality journey (and twenty years experience studying these topics and discussing them with anyone who would listen) that anyone can increase their understanding of gender and sexuality. Increased understanding is a major component in the path to our collective healing.

I believe in the resilience of queer and trans people. I believe in the power of moving from victimization to surviving and thriving. I believe that the collective healing of queer and trans survivors can change the world. At the heart of all of my work is an abiding belief in the power of human connection.


Starting June 19th, I will be seeing clients at 263 Haywood Street, a few doors down from O’Henry’s. You can find me online at, follow me on Instagram (@heather.branham.lcsw), follow my professional page on Facebook , or email me at Feel free to reach out; I’d love to connect.